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Love is special. When two people find love and they can make it last then there’s all the more reason to celebrate their union. At Spencer Florist we’re happy to be a part of that celebration. Spencer Florist is Best Flowershops in Jacksonville FL.

Be My Valentine: Five Flowers that Say it Better than Roses

Roses may be the traditional or classic way of saying Be My Valentine or ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day but are they right flowers to express your feelings to your loved one?

Flowers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and meanings. Here are five flowers that can express your sentiments better than roses without breaking the bank

  • Carnations: Carnations are pretty flowers that can help you express many sentiments. A Pink Carnation says ‘I'll Never Forget You’, a White Carnation says ‘You are sweet and Lovely’, a Red Carnation says ‘My Heart Aches for You’ while a combination of colors can express your divine love and fascination.
  • Gerber Daisies: Choose a Red Daisy if you simply wish for an unusual but sweet flower to express your love. You can also choose a mixed bouquet to express sentiments such as I Love you to thank you.
  • Orchids: If you are looking for an unusual flower to express your feelings, you should consider a bouquet of Orchids. Orchids are stunning flowers - beautiful, delicate and graceful. They express sentiments such as beauty, love and strength.
  • Sunflowers: A sunflower is not a typical arrangement to express love but a sunflower with its simple open face and bright yellow petals can symbolize your love and happiness.
  • Tulips: If you are just starting a relationship or are looking to start anew, Tulips are the perfect the flower. Choosing a scarlet tulip bouquet will express your hopes for perfect love while a combination of red and pink tulips will convey your hopes for a fresh start.