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Five Flowers that Bloom in the Winter:

During summer our gardens grow with pretty flowers and provide us with a delightful view from our windows but during winter our gardens are barely covered under the falling snow. But it doesn’t have to be!

If you plan ahead, you can enjoy a beautiful garden during sunny summers and harsh winters. Here are five plants that bloom in the winter that you can to your garden:

  • 1)Flowering Quince: The flowering quince or Chaenomeles is a hardy plant that tolerates harsh climate and requires not much care. If you plant this thorny shrub at the border of your garden, you will soon gain a natural fence that gives you pretty red flowers in the winter.
  • 2)Christmas rose: The Christmas rose blossoms during the winter. This beautiful white rose plant has sturdy stems that help it rise through snowfall. You can plant in shady areas such as along the walkways.
  • 3) Mock rush: The mock rush is a type of ornament grass that is used in bouquets. The tough and upright and will rise above the snow. This grass will not only give your garden character but also attract winter birds such as cardinals and juncos.
  • 4)Snowdrop: The snowdrop is a beautiful white drooping flower that blooms with the onset of winter. It needs to be planted near a rock garden or under a tall shrub to ensure that it grows and blooms.
  • 5) Winterberry: The winterberry is sprays of bright red berries that will brighten up your garden while covered with snow.