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Sympathy / Funeral

Sympathy Flowers from Spencer's Jacksonville Florist. Order Sympathy Flowers from our website or call us at (904)764-4043 or email Jacksonville Florist Flowers are the trusted funeral flower specialists for Funeral Occasions.

What Flowers Are Appropriate for Funerals?

The flower trade caters to a lot of happy occasions like weddings, birthdays and births. But the circle of life is such that you might find a lot of your business also comes by way of funerals.

If you are new to the trade or haven’t handled a funeral before, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, know who the funeral is for. If you have a knowledge of the background of the family or the individual, you could use this to recommend flowers that they would appreciate. Sometimes, the family may be forthcoming with what flowers they would like to have. In this case, your work is simplified greatly.

Also check what community they are from. In certain cultures, there are some very specific flowers that are expected at funerals. Lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums are popular choices. Speak to someone from the family who is making the funeral arrangements and check if they have a preference for certain kinds of flowers.

The kinds of arrangements that are typically expected, and therefore those that you must offer your clients on your website include wreaths, sprays, floral cushions or pillows. There are other special items that you could also make available that commemorate a certain memory or passion of the person who has passed on. Footballs, racquets, cars, and religious symbols are just some of the floral designs that are available in the market. Be sure to showcase these in a dedicated section of your website. You can get assistance from professional florist website designers like Hana software on building your website and highlighting funeral flowers.