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Top Christmas Flowers and What They Mean

Christmas Season is here. If you are interested in Jacksonville flowers delivery for Christmas, we are here at your service.

  • poinsettia
  • Wax Flower
  • Hypericum Berries
  • Carnations
  • Norfolk Island Pine

Christmas is one of the most special celebrations of the year which is celebrated across the world. But what truly makes this auspicious day even more exquisite is some elegant Christmas flowers. Where there are presents and love, flowers are a must!

We are one of the best Jacksonville FL florists that you can find in the city who offer nothing but the most stunning Christmas decoration flowers. If you are interested in Jacksonville flowers delivery for Christmas, we are here at your service. Before you proceed, let's have a look at the most popular Christmas flowers and what they mean.

Poinsettia Flower

    As most of you would already know, Poinsettia has been an incredible choice for holiday plants for a long time now. Loved for their traditional red & green Known for their classic red and green leafage, these gorgeous flowers should be your top pick for Christmas Flowers Delivery Jacksonville.

    Poinsettia Flower Meaning: Over time, poinsettia flowers have come to signify good cheer as well as success. They are considered to carry wishes of glee and rampage.

    Carnations Flower

      Carnations, as decoration flowers, are a go-to for not only Christmas but any special occasion. Owing to their hardiness as well as wide varieties of colors, you should certainly consider using carnations for your Christmas decor this year.

      Carnations Flower Meaning: Red carnations are a popular symbol of love, friendship, and affection. They are also available in other color varieties including white, green, and more!

      Whether it's the romantic kind of love, platonic love, or familial love, carnations in all colors are a pleasant gift for Christmas.

      Norfolk Island Pine Flower

        Ah, what’s like Norfolk Island Pine? These delightful trees are an excellent table-top tree for Christmas that you can use for any space including your office cabin, dining table, or any other corner of your apartment. And well, let's be honest, large trees are more of a trouble than elegant decorations.

        Thus, Norfolk Island Pine is our best choice for Christmas plants! The best part is that they can also prosper indoors for long years and don't even require much time and attention on your end.

        Norfolk Island Pine Flower Meaning: Norfolk Island Pine is a delightful Christmas tree choice that adds the much-needed touch of grace and elegance to the special occasion.

        Hypericum Berries Flower

          Hypericum berries are not just your regular berries! They first grow into elegant flowers and only after that, produce the gorgeous festive berries! Hypericum berries are available in a variety of colors including white, red, and green. They add a joyous festival touch to all flower arrangements!

          Hypericum berries Flower Meaning: The term “hypericum” is derived from the Greek phrase which means above pictures. This indicates the historical ritual of using plants to hang them over photographs, windows, as well as posters.

          Wax Flower

            Wax flowers are an excellent blend of sweet and savory with their spiky shrubs and sweet blooms. They are incredible festive flowers that spread nothing but great positive vibrations.

            Wax Flower Meaning: Wax flowers symbolize happiness and prosperity. They are also the epitome of long and flourishing relationships.