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7 Best Types of Flowers to Gift to Friends

Wondering what flowers for friends to go with? Well, you are in the right place. Here are 7 flowers that you must try this year for Friendship Day.

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Do you wonder what gift ideas for friends will be the most popular as Friendship Day is approaching? While there are no limits to the things that you can gift to your friends, there’s nothing sweeter and more charming than a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Wondering what flowers for friends to go with? Well, you are in the right place. Here are 7 flowers that you must try this year for Friendship Day.


    Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers in the world, and it's no wonder why. These beautiful blooms symbolize affection and friendship, making them the perfect gift for a loved one. Hydrangeas come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect hue to express your feelings, whether you're looking to show your love or appreciation for a friend, this is an ideal gift for friends.


      An alstroemeria plant is native to South America and is also known as the Peruvian lily or the Inca lily. The flowers are most commonly seen in shades of pink, orange, and yellow, but can also be found in white and purple. Alstroemeria is associated with friendship, making it a perfect gift for a close friend or loved one.


        Asters are a classic sign of affection, and they're also a great way to say "I like you" without saying too much. There's something about the aster that just radiates friendliness. It's the cheerful yellow color or the fact that they're often seen in big bouquets surrounded by other friendly flowers. Whether it's for love or friendship, asters are the perfect way to express your feelings, and a nice gift idea for best friend.


          Larkspur is a beautiful flower that conveys affection to the friend. This flower is often given as a gift to someone special in our lives, whether it be a romantic partner, close friend, or family member. The deep purple color of the larkspur represents the depth of our feelings for the recipient, and the white petals represent the purity of our intentions.


            This flower is known for its symbols of love, peace, and comfort, making it the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. In modern times, geraniums can be found in many different colors and varieties. Geraniums show gratitude by growing up from nothing into something beautiful just like true friends do when we help them out without expecting anything in return. This makes them the perfect gift for a close friend or loved one.


              These bright and sunny flowers are another popular choice for Friendship Day. Their golden yellow hues correspond with symbolisms related to friendship, optimism, and happiness. A big bunch of sunflowers really brightens up an atmosphere.


                And to conclude our list, poppy is another friendship day flower that you can purchase from Spencer’s Jacksonville florist. Poppies represent remembrance, loyalty, and affection.

                When purchasing flowers for your best friend, keeping in mind their personal preferences will be ideal. Order all these amazing flowers from Spencer’s online flower shop and receive on-time delivery at your doorstep.