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Seasonal Flowers Always at Their Best

Seasonal flowers usually bloom quickly and stay in full bloom for the duration of their growing season.

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If you want to keep your garden new and fresh throughout the year, annual flowers should be your go-to. These flowers usually bloom quickly and stay in full bloom for the duration of their growing season.

Summer Annual Flowers


Marigolds bloom all summer and are fairly easy to maintain. They are a popular choice for bouquets and salad garnishes. The Jacksonville florist will definitely have this flower.


Geraniums have a wide variety of species, giving gardeners and florists numerous choices for garden beds and arrangements. In addition, you can find blue geraniums in the wild.


Also known as Madagascar periwinkle, vinca is popular for its blue hue and non-stop bloom throughout the summer.


These flowers add a pop of color to your bouquet arrangements and planters and are easy to take care of. Some species of zinnia are very similar to dahlias.

Fall Annual Flowers


As begonias have various species and big blooms, they are a garden favorite. In addition, begonias come in a wide range of sizes and colors, so they are easy to work with – be they a garden or a bouquet.


You can find petunias in the flower shops in jacksonville fl, and they have a lot of shades, including pinks, blues, and reds. They are low-maintenance flowers and are ideal for novice gardeners.


The flowers of Nasturtium come in every fall color. Giving them as an arrangement or a bouquet in the home or office is considered appropriate.


Celosia’s petals don’t easily fall off – this makes them a strong choice for bouquets. In addition, this flower is showy and unique; it will surely be the star in your fall garden bed.

Winter Annual Flowers


English primrose, the most well-known variety, can brighten up your house during gloomy winters with its bright colors. But, unfortunately, this flower blooms in late winter and has a short lifespan.

Sweet Pea

Generally used for their sweet and delicate scent, sweet peas can grow up to 10 feet. But it's dwarf varieties can climb up to 2 feet only.

Flowering Kale

Though not as tasty as its edible cousin, flowering kale from florist jacksonville fl makes up for it with its big and beautiful leaves. In cooler weather, flowering kale produces the best color.

Spring Annual Flowers

Sweet Alyssum

The light fragrance of this flower adds a nice aroma to a garden. In addition, sweet alyssum has dainty florals, which go easily with statement flowers in a bouquet.


Dianthus flowers have eye-catching blue-green foliage and are fragrant. They are also referred to as “pinks” by many flower enthusiasts.


This is a classic spring garden flower and can be found in most homes. In addition, the wintergreen flavor in some pansies is used as a garnish in soups and cocktails.

All these flowers are excellent choices for your garden and bouquets. Moreover, during the growing season, you don’t have to wait for a long time for these flowers to bloom. You can get any of these flowers from the Spencer's Designer Florist, Gifts & Arrangements