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House Warming

No two homes are the same so say it in your unique way. Buy and send great gifts for new homes Jacksonville Spencer Florist style right from our website or you can call us at (904)764-4043 or email us at or just come see us at 6116 N Main St Jacksonville FL 32208. Spencer Florist is the trusted florist in Jacksonville for flowers that are fresh, lasting and uniquely you. Get your housewarming flower arrangements done and hand-delivered.

Effective Indoor Gardening Tips:

Do you love to have the outdoors in your indoors or desire a house that blends the two distinct spaces seamlessly? Indoor gardening is your answer. A little time and patience will help you turn your home into a beautiful haven.

Some effective tips on indoor gardening
  • Choose indoor plants with a lot of care. Not all plants can tolerate shade and would quickly start looking depressed. Consult your favorite florist to understand which kind of plants are appropriate for planting or placing indoors.
  • Try different locations for your plants and don’t be afraid of experimenting. Sometimes the most unlikely areas make the best placements and enhance the living space.
  • Some plants may require some sunlight. It is best to place them in spaces towards the north. You will have to particularly care for these plants and keep checking on their moisture level. Move them away from the sunlight if you see signs of withering.
  • Plants like ferns that love moisture and humid conditions add an element of decoration to your bathrooms. The vapors in the bathroom are good for these plants and keep them perky.
  • All your indoor plants should be kept in places that are not in the way of air drafts from the HVAC systems in your house. Try and avoid placing them directly under fans as well.
  • Indoor plants should always be given water in moderation. Too much water can also lead to an untimely fading away. Add water only when the soil feels dry to touch
  • Use these tips for your indoor gardening pursuits and develop a lifelong hobby.