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10 Reasons Why Flowers Make Great Gifts;
A box of chocolates or a new shirt, what would make a better gift? Have you ever spent days trying to figure out the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding or anniversary? Have the slew of options available left you confused and frustrated? Maybe you should consider something simple and meaningful rather than something expensive and elaborate, like a bunch of flowers! Flowers have their own language. If you customize your bouquet, you can send your dear one a thoughtful message. Here are our top 10 reasons why we think you should buy someone flowers today:

  • 1) If you have an environmentally conscious friend, a gift of flowers is an acknowledgment of their beliefs as flowers are not the only bio-degradable, but are also non-toxic.
  • 2) Unlike gaming consoles, you can appreciate flowers without having to get new batteries!
  • 3) Unlike a box of chocolates, flowers are not temptations; you can have as many flowers as you want without gaining weight.
  • 4) A bottle of wine is nice, but a bouquet of flowers will not leave you with a hangover.
  • 5) Flowers can be bought by individuals of all ages.
  • 6) Flowers are a gift that will put a smile on anyone’s face, and you won’t worry if the person’s going to like it.
  • 7) Flowers are an affordable gift whether you are earning a pittance or in millions.
  • 8) According to psychiatrists, flowers can relieve stress, and they’re less expensive than hiring counselors.
  • 9) Flowers may not seem like it, but they are a luxury and worth having!
  • 10) They say so much even without saying anything.