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Traditional Easter Flowers and Gifts to Give

Spring flowers are generally connected with Easter, which is not surprising. We've got some suggestions for pairing your flowers with Easter gifts.

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Easter is a Christian celebration enjoyed in the spring that evokes feelings of hope, joy, rebirth, and new beginnings. Spring flowers are generally connected with Easter, which is not surprising. We've got some suggestions for pairing your flowers with Easter gifts. Consider offering these flowers and gifts as Easter gifts to your friends and family this year:


Lilies have a lovely, uplifting spirit about them, and the white lily especially is a classic Easter flower. Lilies symbolise hope, love, and purity, while the white lily depicts Christ's three-day resurrection. Lilies are also linked to Mary, Jesus' virgin mother. Easter is traditionally celebrated by giving white lilies as a flower gift. You can find easter lily flower Jacksonville FL from your local florist.

Spice Jelly Beans

Original jelly beans in classic tastes like cinnamon, clove, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint in a two-pound package. They have a chewy texture and a flavour similar to spice gumdrops. Just open the bag, stuff each basket to the brim, then fill some candy dishes.


Tulips are a classic spring flower that some people associate with love and passion. Tulips are a lovely way to say "I love you" at any time of year, but especially at Easter. Consider delivering white or pink tulips, or a bold, brilliantly coloured arrangement to express even more passion. Include them in your easter flower arrangements and let the magic happen.

Easter bunny

It's always good to give Easter gifts that are appropriate for the season, which is why giving them their own stuffed bunny is a wonderful way to reward your kids.

Chocolate tasting

Those looking for a unique touch on tradition may want to consider putting in a chocolate-tasting trip. These are available all across the country and can even be combined into a special weekend getaway for those who do want to spoil their special someone. Is this the nicest Easter gift you've ever received?


When delivered as a gift, either alone or in combination with other spring blooms, carnations exude a joyous enthusiasm. This Easter, consider offering white and pastel coloured flowers as a gift.

Easter baskets for kids

Consider putting gifts for the grandchildren in a toy truck or waggon instead of a typical Easter basket. There are countless unique and exciting ways to create Easter gifts, depending on the volume and size of the goods you wish to give. Helmets, rain boots, tackle boxes, sewing/craft boxes, home-made fabric containers, backpacks, mason jars, and even open, upside-down umbrellas can be used to replace the monotonous baskets that youngsters often discard after the holiday.


Another famous spring flower that is frequently given throughout the Easter season is the daffodil. Their vibrant yellow colour instantly brightens a space and everyone's spirits who sees them. Giving daffodils expresses genuine feelings for anyone, which might vary from admiration to passionate love.

We've got plenty of flower and gift ideas for your this year's Easter celebration, so why not send Flowers to Jacksonville? Order easter flower delivery from Spencers Florist and wow them with your floral gift.