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Importance Of Gifting Flowers For Any Occasion

The history of gifting flowers goes a long way back. The English and the French started this tradition. The Victorians believed that expressing their feelings in terms of words was not gentle enough, and only flowers can do justice to it.

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A flower is one of the best gifts we humans can exchange on various occasions. These blossoms radiate a spirit of happiness and make a good impression on the receiver that is really long-lasting. Be it birthday, anniversary, marriage, or any occasion, flowers have become an integral part of all the occasions. It is also because there are thousands of flowers, and when used in different arrangements, it conveys different messages. 

The history of gifting flowers goes a long way back. The English and the French started this tradition. The Victorians believed that expressing their feelings in terms of words was not gentle enough, and only flowers can do justice to it. For example, if, at that time, a rose was given upside down, it conveyed a message of anger. This tradition continues today also and is done for different reasons. 

Here are a few reasons regarding the importance of online flower Jacksonville FL:

1. To visually convey something: if you say something, the brain might not remember it for a long time, but when it is associated with an image, which in this case, a flower, the retention capability increases. The visual effect of flowers has a long-lasting impact due to its visually appealing nature and the jolly bright colors. Flowers are known for bringing charm to space and being the center of attraction. This is also a reason why flowers are widely used as decorations in various events.

2. To communicate emotions: Whether it is happy, sad, anger, sympathy, or flowers, any flower is capable of delivering the deepest of emotion wrapped in a manner of elegance. We think that flowers are very generic and are mainly used for displaying love and care, but their different arrangements portray different meanings. Get the best funeral flower delivery Jacksonville FL by here at spencers Florist.

    3.  A source of enormous happiness: What can be a better mood lifter than flowers? The psychological effect of receiving flowers is very strong. Due to their visually lucrative nature, they trigger an instantaneous release of the pleasure hormones in our minds that makes us joyful. Therefore, it is a perfect gift option for happy occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. Again, as it has the potential to bring sudden joy, it can be seen as a game-changer that can lift a person's mood in case of any negative happenings.

    4.  One of the most convenient gifts: Buying gifts is a hectic process. When you are buying something for a particular person, you need to take care of what they like and their requirements, and this process requires investing a lot of your time and energy. This is where flowers come in; their easy availability is just another bonus, along with their beautifulness. So any day if you are to send a gift to someone you don't know very well or don't want to do any research about it, flowers are the best option to go for. Also, it is more economical than many of the other gift options.

      Different flower options for different occasions

      As mentioned earlier, flowers are a very convenient option and go well for any occasion. The only prerequisite is you need to know which flowers are meant for which occasions. Here are some flower options for various occasions:

      1. Birthdays: Birthdays are very joyous events and wrap a sense of happiness around them. So the flowers one must give should also express happiness and joyfulness. Hence, the options in this case, directly depend upon your relationship with the person. If you are a close friend, then a yellow rose would be the best option as it symbolizes friendship, and in case it is your partner, a red rose would do the work. Other flower options for birthdays are jasmine, pink carnations, forget-me-nots, etc.

      2.  Mother’s Day: Gifting flowers to your mother on this day holds a very special value as you honor her for all the hard work she does and the sacrifices she makes for your family. Tulips and lilies are the best flowers in this case, and you can use several variations of them like the daylilies, red tulips, yellow tulips, or the sunflower.

      3.  Funeral: As this is not a joyous event, flower choices should also be made according to that. Funeral displays come in some very specific arrangements like funeral baskets, standing sprays, or in terms of wreaths or crosses. Just remember to keep your options simple and not something exaggerated. Some good flower options are pink carnations that are a token of remembrance, white roses, lilies, gladioli, etc.

      4.  Wedding: this is probably the most thrilling event on the list, and the flowers you should take must also be special. Usually, a single flower is not given in this case, and a big bouquet is preferred. Your bouquet can comprise different flowers like roses, hydrangea, lilies, carnations, etc.

        Flowers act as a complimentary dish and can add to the overall experience of any occasion. Many poets have widely used the portrayal of flowers to describe certain emotions throughout history. Whichever flower you are giving, the main aim should be to give it with a pure heart and no bitter feelings.