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The bliss of God is a child for humans and flowers for plants

We at Spencers florist also deals in Best flowers Jacksonville FL to express warm love and affection to your loved ones.

  • Anniversary flowers

If you have ever tried gardening, then for sure, you have felt a sense of motherhood for the plants you are nurturing. Children are a gift from God. Flowers play a similar role for plants. They provide nutrition and shelter to flowers just like a mother cares for her child. From the day the seeds are planted to the day the flowers bloom, it remains a compelling waiting period. Children complete the home, and similarly, a flower completes a plant. 

Thus here we have put together a list of flowers that can complement the warmth of a family and the happiness and mirth of a child.

  • Queen Anne's lace 

This flower originated in Europe and is given such a name because it represents a lace-like pattern. This flower is often associated with family and warmth. Gift these cozy flowers to the most important members of your family, or decorate your home with a bunch of Queen Anne's lace to add a touch of togetherness. We at spencers florist also deals in Anniversary flowers Jacksonville FL to express warm love and affection to your loved ones. In our store, we have beautiful bouquets of Queen Anne's lace, choose any bouquet of your choice and surprise your loved ones with this unique flower.

  • Lilacs 

 Lilacs are often associated with children because they convey the meaning of love and youthful innocence. Flowers emit a feeling of freshness and youthfulness. Similarly, children with their unquestionable innocence instill in us a feeling of love and juvenescence. Lilacs come in hues of purple and white, each color having its own meaning, respectively. If you have an occasion where children and youths are involved, you should use lilacs as decorations or gifts. In our flower store, What makes us the Best florist in Jacksonville FL is that we have a variety of lilac bouquets that you can choose for your special occasion.

  • Tulips 

 Known especially for their bold colors and gorgeous shape, tulips are perfectly symmetrical in shape. These flowers can brighten up any place wherever you might plant them. Often representing delicacy, these flowers are available more commonly in yellow, red, and pink colors. Buying this flower for your children will imply how deeply you love and care about them. 

  • Hydrangeas 

These shrubs give rise to various colorful flowers and are available in white, green, and red shades. These flowers have the ability to bloom indoors as well as outdoors. Because of their ability to give rise to various colorful flowers, they represent boastfulness. While the pink hydrangeas signify heartfelt emotion, the blue hydrangeas signify apology and frigidity. However, due to various other symbolic factors of this flower, it is also said to signify unity and togetherness. We offer many kinds of other roses, all delivered fresh with beautiful arrangements. So sending a bunch of hydrangeas  to a special day could be a great idea.

  • Gardenia 

The glossy evergreen leaves of these plants, arranged in an opposite manner or in whorls, are spectacularly wonderful to watch. Available in yellow or white colors in our shop, the fragrance of these flowers is duly alluring and would please anyone. The flowers which are brought forth by these plants are a wondrous sight to behold. The flowers bloom the best in extreme sunlight conditions. These plants grow the best in humid areas, but the arid and drought conditions are not at all favorable for this plant.