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5 Best House Plants That Mum Will Love

Who doesn’t like a bit of greenery in this urban world, and when it can be inside your own house? House plants are a mind soother for every plant-loving person.

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Your mom is your first best friend when you enter this world and there’s no gesture that can pay her for all the love, care and support she has given to you. It’s time to give her something relaxing, green and beautiful. Who doesn’t like a bit of greenery in this urban world, and when it can be inside your own house? House plants are a mind soother for every plant-loving person. The popularity of house plants is increasing very much, and your mom would definitely love this gift from you. However finding the right houseplants isn’t possible without the best florist. As there are a lot of options in the market, we have summarized the best 5 houseplants that your mum will love as a green house plants delivery jacksonville fl.

Money Tree

Without any second thought, the money tree is the most popular indoor house plant out there. Whether it is blooming or not, it carries an everlasting sense of grace and peace with it. Also, when the elegant beautiful wooden planter is there it is a sight to wait for. It is very good for apartments as it can be kept indoors always. Just keep it in a corner where sunlight peeps through sometimes.  

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It has large outward bulging leaves that are dark green in color. If you have wooden furniture in your home, it will also provide a great contrast. They are effortless to care for, thus making them the best partner.

Peaceful Zen Garden

It has a very sleek and stylish appearance making it perfect for modern-day households. It also takes up very little space as it comes with a brown bamboo container. It is also very popular as a green leaf house plants near me, you might find it in every list. 

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The best part of this plant is low maintenance. It seldom requires bright sunlight or a lot of water. You just need to give it as much love as you give to your mother in law and it shall thrive.

Large Basket Garden

This beautiful small leafy plant gives a sense of forestry in your house. It is very long and has dark green bushy leaves. They are non-toxic and can be kept at any temperature. They don't need much water and even if you water them once a week, it is enough. Also, the beautiful basket basket with small leaves is the best to keep it near the balcony for optimal results. 

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One thing needs to be kept in mind while getting this plant. If you think it is tough to pick it up, you can get it using house plants online delivery from Spencers Florists.

Loving Light Dishgarden

Light Dishgarden has a separate charm associated with it. It gave a vibe of mixed plants and flowers like lilies and chrysanthemums.The significant advantage of this houseplant is that they take up very little space, and you can even hang them if you don't have space in any corner. 

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The small bushy leaves make it a treat for the eyes. Also, this plant is best for indoor air purification, and your mum will surely love it. If you wish to send greenhouse plants to someone, this exquisite looking houseplant can be the best option because of its compact nature.

Emerald Garden Basket

The small dynamic leaves with a pinch of contrast comes with a cute basket handle to make the environment soothing and evergreen. This beautiful houseplant provides freshness to all the surroundings. 

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green house plants delivery

The best part is they can adapt to normal temperature and are not even prone to pests. You just need to water them at particular intervals and see the magic bloom in front of your eyes. For more such vivid houseplants, explore the best of varieties through jacksonville florist.

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